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Metal Surface Treatment Chemicals

Sasaki Chemical Co., Ltd. manufactures and provides metal surface treatment chemicals. We have a variety of product lines to meet various customer needs, and keep doing our best to develop new chemicals for metal surface treatment so as to meet the changing needs of customers.
Metal Surface Treatment Chemicals



"DRY KEEP" (Sasaki Patented Product)

DRY KEEP is our trade name for our unique plastic product mixed with our moisture level maintenance desiccant. Our customers use it in packaging materials for medicine and industrial products and others.


■Low-moisture- maintenance system (In the case of LDPE base, relative humidity is about 30 %)
■Moisture content is absorbed chemically and irreversibly
■You can make any form as you like (Ex. bottles, trays and pouches)
■DRY KEEP prevents people from eating conventional desiccants in sachet or canister