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Compliance of laws and regulations related to protection of personal information

Sasaki Chemical Co.,Ltd. will comply with Japanese Act for protection of personal information and related laws and regulations.
-1.Responsibiliy as a Chemical products handling company
Taking those characteristics of our business, service and personal information, Sasaki Chemical always endeavors to ensure proper personal information treatment.
-2.Thorough management of personal information
Sasaki Chemical will take necessary and proper action in order to prevent leakage, loss or slander of personal data as well as security management of personal data.
-3.Other activities;
1.Sasaki Chemical will make its purpose of using personal information clear.
2.Sasaki Chemical will make it open to public when it should encounter such troubles as personal information leakage,loss or slander.
3.Sasaki Chemical will keep personal information within for a certain period of time and scrap it off thereafter.
4.Sasaki Chemical will comply with requirement for personal information disclosure it has if it is legitimate.
-4.Continuous implementation of corporate compliance activities:
Sasaki Chemical will keep improving its internal management system for personal information protection.
Prepared:April 1,2005
Sasaki Chemical Co.,Ltd.
President : Tomokazu Sasaki