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Oxide Film Remover

Neutral Rust Remover for Iron, Copper, Copper alloy S-CLEAN S-800S-800

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User-friendly, Neutral Rust Remover S-CLEAN S-800

Chemical solution rust remover for copper, iron, copper alloyS-CLEAN S-800 is a neutral rust remover which can clean away oxide films on metal surfaces such as copper, iron, and copper alloy.
This product is used in many industries including electronics, electrical devices, machinery, plating and metal surface treatment.
S-CLEAN S-800 is also applied to a pretreatment of plating or coating, metal surface finishing, and maintenance of machines or equipments.
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Sample 1: a lead wire of CCFL, Immersing for 60 seconds

  Before   After  
  液晶バックライトのリード線(銅製)をエスクリーンS-800に60秒浸漬して酸化皮膜除去する前   arr   液晶バックライトのリード線(銅製)をエスクリーンS-800に60秒浸漬して酸化皮膜除去  

Sample 2: a copper plate with oxide film, Immersing for 5 seconds

  Before   After  
  自然酸化皮膜が付着した銅板をエスクリーンS-800に5秒浸漬して酸化皮膜除去する前   arr   自然酸化皮膜が付着した銅板をエスクリーンS-800に5秒浸漬して酸化皮膜除去  

S-CLEAN S-800 Features

"Neutral" = Safe

●Free from Acid, Alkali and Cyanide
●Safer than other acid or alkali solution since this is neutral (pH 7.5-8.5)

For Pretreatment of Plating or Coating

It brings much easier process through complete pretreatment, and builds greater products.
S-CLEAN S-800 is not only for a rust remover, but also can be used for a pretreatment of plating or coating.

Rapid Reaction

Treating Time: 1-3 minutes
Red rust, black scale and smut can be removed promptly.
* Stirring makes it more effective result of a treating time.
* Optimum concentration, temperature, and treating time of S-CLEAN S-800 should be adjusted depending on rust conditions.

Less Attack for Basis Material

●Less attack and calm reaction to basis material

* The table below shows rates of weight change.
        Test condition: immersing a material in each solution for 24 hours.

  S-CLEAN S-800 Nitric acid (9.5%) Hydrochloric acid (9.5%)
copper 0.012% 49.276% 0.307%
brass 0.007% 74.731% 0.251%
iron 0.468% 81.309% 12.168%

* Actual measured value (not specified values)


Application of S-CLEAN S-800

S-CLEAN S-800 is used in a wide range of industries such as electronic, electrical devices, machineries, and more.


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